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Opera & Wine in Verona

Aida ∙ La Traviata ∙ Il Trovatore

Opera & Wine in Verona

Three exceptional operas set in the fabulous Roman Arena. Staying at the Hotel Accademia in the heart of the old city and close to the Piazza Bra we enjoy three nights of spectacle under the stars. The atmosphere in the Arena is one of near tangible magic and is one of the great cultural events of the Italian summer. Aida in the historic 1913 production is followed by La Traviata and Il Trovatore with Anna Netrebko singing the part of Leonora. We stay at the Hotel Accademia just minutes away from the arena and the Piazza del Erbe. This family-run traditional stylish hotel celebrates the famous tenor Giovanni Zenatello who founded the opera festival in 1913.
A five-day tour exploring the city’s landmarks including illustrated talks on each of the operas and wine tasting in a local Valpolicella vineyard.

The arena is a magnificent space with seating for almost 14,000. Seats are in the Poltronissime which enables an excellent and comfortable view of the stage in the centre of the arena.



We meet at the Hotel Accademia, in central Verona, for a welcome reception followed by a short walk to the tombs of the Scaligeri and the church of Sant'Anastasia before dinner.
Each evening we will eat in a local restaurant close to the arena and soak up the unique atmosphere of Verona during the opera season. The temperatures are high during the day and the evenings are comfortably warm.


This morning we explore more of the city with our guide including the medieval Castelvecchio which houses an award-winning museum and the church of San Zeno with its stunning Mantegna altarpiece.
There will be free time in the afternoon to enjoy the many pleasant streets and fascinating buildings or even take a bicycle tour. An opera talk precedes dinner at a nearby restaurant before the performance of tonight's opera, Verdi's Aida in the original 1913 version.


An optional tour to Desanzano, Lake Garda and Sirmione is available which includes a boat trip on the lake. We return in the afternoon before our opera talk and an early dinner in the Piazza Bra. After this we stroll across to the arena for a performance of Verdi's La Traviata.


After a leisurely breakfast we head out to the vineyards of the Vallpollicella region for a wine tasting and lunch at a vineyard. There will be time in the afternoon to explore the streets and piazzas of this beautiful city. An optional dinner will be in a restaurant close to the arena before the evening’s performance of Il Trovatore.


After a final leisurely breakfast guests are free to depart.

Solo travellers are most welcome to join the tour manager and assistant for additional tours and lunches throughout the tour. We are keen that everyone feels involved and gets the most out of the tour. Guests are also free to join in as much or as little as they like.
Easyjet, Ryan Air and others provide a range of low-cost flights to Verona Villafranca and Venice is just over an hour by train.